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Langley Law Firm - The impacts of regulatory law could be found in every kind of provincial, federal and local governmental activity with various implications for individuals and businesses. The experienced lawyers in our regulatory law company work across lots of regulated sectors and procedural laws, rules, regulations, and policies that could affect our clients' activities.

Our firm requires our lawyers to become immersed in the public and regulatory policy problems relevant to major sectors. In order to ensure the resolution of several regulatory concerns at all levels of government, they should have the necessary advocacy and organizational skills.

In all the aspects of regulatory problems our clients are well represented. Our lawyers work together with several businesses, applicants and businesses to intervene before all types and levels of regulatory authorities.

The services we provide consist of: representation and advising in order to reach successful regulatory applications, compliance, risk management, and governance in each regulated sector. Our teams of lawyers are versed in all kinds of applicable policy, rule, bylaw, and procedural provisions pertinent to a regulatory application.

To provide seamless and all-inclusive advise across international jurisdictions, we have close working relationships with international legal professions. We do this in order to make sure that the activities of our clientele are in the compliance with foreign regulatory enactments. Our Regulatory Group readies land-use applications, prepares rate and tariff applications, represents clients in various regulatory approval proceedings, and works with our litigators on judicial review applications and appeals.

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Found within Metro Vancouver, Langley City originally started as a small settlement for early settlers from Europe. It was first called the "Innes Corner," that was the name of one of its homesteaders Adam Innes. The place became known as "Langley Prairie" in the year 1911, and many small communities formed and became the "Langley Township." Nevertheless, the City of Langley decided to separate from this so as to follow its urban expansion It became a metropolis in 1955.

Within the city, there are numerous art galleries including the BC Gallery, which was born here. The BC Gallery is devoted showing numerous fine works showing works of art by talented native artists. To be able to find various remarkable works by brilliant native artists who are developing and exploring their creativity in art, these could be found at the Fort Gallery...